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Joshua Potter

Josh Potter was born in Frankfurt Germany while his dad was in the Army. By the time he was two years old his family moved back to Spokane where he lived for 44 years. In 2021 Josh and his family moved to Coeur d Alene, ID. Josh has always considered Spokane home, however, being the product of a divorced family, he had the opportunity to live in a few small community’s part time as he went back and forth between parents’ houses. At some point in his life, he lived in Nine Mile Falls, Sprague, and Edwall. Going back and forth between the “big city” of Spokane and small farming communities gave him a unique opportunity to build relationships with people from very different worlds.

Josh attended and graduated from North Central High School in 1993 all the while maintaining great relationships that he built while attending Christian Heritage in Edwall, WA. Josh was always in love with the outdoors and sports. Spending time at a small school, in a farming community, only served to firmly cement his passion for those activities that are still an integral part of his life today.

Josh joined Chuck, his dad, in the business in the spring of 1997 and they have been serving the families of their community ever since. Josh’s exposure to the “blue collar” world  of farming while simultaneously watching and learning from his dad in the investment world, made a tremendous impact on his approach to serving his client’s today. He understands that most people have had to work very hard to save the money they have to invest. He also understands being a trusted advisor of those assets carries a weighty responsibility.

Josh was exposed to coaching basketball as a young person working at NBC basketball camps. As he had children of his own, and as many dads do, he started coaching all kinds of sports. His kid’s have grown up and gone on to college but he is still coaching high school football as a volunteer at Coeur d Alene High school.

Josh considers being a husband, raising his children, coaching the young men in his community, taking care of his client’s and their assets, to be the most important work he will ever do.