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Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions

Chuck has been an advisor for over 40 years. Josh joined the industry in 1998. They worked side by side with other advisors and eventually together they created Simple Wealth, LLC. What started as a small father and son practice has grown and is continuing to grow.

Chuck and Josh Potter want to make financial matters simpler for their clients - family and business matters, tax and estate issues, investment concerns. The purpose of their work is to help clients retire with confidence. Freeing clients to fully enjoy good times, family and their lives knowing that they have a team working with them to achieve their retirement goals.

Chuck and Josh, along with other Simple Wealth advisors, provide a full complement of services to address their clients’ needs to accumulate, protect and transfer wealth. They help create total retirement strategies based on each client’s unique objectives.

Client Centered

Josh says the team’s personal approach to working with clients makes them unique. “When people are facing complex financial issues, they need someone who can make sense of it all. We listen, strategize, allocate, and monitor their assets, aiming to achieve their specific goals.”

Chuck and Josh divide responsibilities based on their unique abilities and concentrate on their strengths by providing specialized services. They share research and challenge each other to think from other perspectives in order to find the best options for their clients.

Combined, Chuck and Josh have more than four decades of experience. In that time they have watched clients have children, retire, become widowed, loose jobs, get promotions, get married, and more. They are committed to intentionally creating customized plans for each client that will grow dynamically, shifting and changing with the client’s lives and needs.

If you’re interested in simplifying the complexities of your financial life, turn to Simple Wealth. Finding the strategy that creates the confidence everyone deserves is our goal.