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Charles Potter

Chuck Potter was raised by a devoted single mother who was a teacher and took on additional part time jobs to provide for her family. As a child he lived in many small rural towns in Idaho, Oregon and Washington as she relocated for new teaching positions advancing her career. Chuck saw, first hand, the value of hard work, determination, and diligence. Chuck moved to the Spokane area in 1963, he has made friends and been an active part of the community ever since.

Chuck is an Army veteran, was a journalist for a decade and has been in the financial industry for 43 years. During his time as an advisor he has also been a mentor and supervisor to numerous other advisors, a financial presenter and speaker, a respected small business owner, and an active member of the community in both Spokane, WA and Palm Springs, CA. As a young man, Chuck discovered one of his best skills was to gather information on complex issues from experts and boil it down to the information that would best help his audience as a journalist. This skill was matched with his love of people, sharing information and the desire to see them be successful, which is what lead him to investment advising. Chuck’s mother lived by the belief that “If you tech a child to read, they can teach themselves anything.”; that is a foundational premise on which he built his advisory practice. Chuck is passionate about sharing wealth building principles, information and skills acquired over his career and lifetime.

In addition to meeting with clients and money management Chuck enjoys golfing, traveling with his wife (Nancy), spending time with his adult children, grandchildren and friends, visiting new wineries for tastings, and enjoying outdoor recreation.