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MaryAnne John

MaryAnne John

MaryAnne John

MaryAnne graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor’s in Communications and Public Relations. She worked her way through college, working for a non-profit, and stayed after graduation. During her time at that non-profit, she filled many jobs. MaryAnne’s favorite of those were life-skill educator and project manager. She enjoyed helping people learn and understand the concrete skills of budgeting, planning for their future, and adjusting that plan when needed.

Coming from two generations of educators and being raised in the educational non-profit world made her aware of the lack of information for small business and non-profit employees. Recognizing the lack of resources available to non-profit organizations and their professionals, she wanted to educate and empower people with the goal of helping to manage their unique financial situations. MaryAnne decided to change careers and follow in her uncle’s footsteps. She joined a firm with decades of experience in helping individuals, from all backgrounds, work toward their long-term goals.

Client Centered

MaryAnne has been in the industry since 2014. She is passionate about helping others learn how to plan for the future and take steps designed to protect and accumulate wealth. She wants to support people through their financial journey with debt management, retirement planning, legacy building, and all the other financial milestones.

“Many people think they needs to have $50,000 or more to start investing. I want people to know that there are ways for them to start saving and investing in their future at many different income levels.”

People work hard to earn their money, it should work just as hard for them. MaryAnne wants to create and monitor personalized strategies designed to work toward each individual’s goals, so they can spend their time taking care of their loved ones and working towards their dreams.

In her free time you can find MaryAnne spending time with her husband, Jared, three sons, Mason, Xavier, and Wyatt, and her two dogs. She also enjoys time with family and friends. She enjoys working on projects with her family like building and finishing a tiny cabin for weekend getaways, baking and cooking, spending time at the river, kayaking, and reading.